SONNE  |  TEGERNSEE | GERMANY  |  12/2017  |  concept for conversion

The existing patio house was extended and adjusted in several phases. The new owner wanted to replace the indoor swimming pool with a central living space. The other two building sections are affected by this change and were adapted as part of the design project. The building envelope, the old wooden parlor at the southwestern end of the house, the basement and therefore also the staircases couldn’t be changed for the conversion. 

The (almost) continuous width of six meters is the most dominant regularity within the house. In order to reaccentuate the spatial qualities of a patio house, the living spaces are arranged along the circumferential central axis. A 1m wide corridor towards the public side and a 1.5m wide corridor towards the private patio are planned along the inside of the facade. This partitioning not only creates a spatial constant throughout the house but also connects the interior and exterior through different circulations and spatial sections.