11 x 70  |  DIFFERENT LOCATIONS  |  2016 - 2017 | installation & catalogue

Architecture completes its signification the moment a person enters it. It stands as a tangible frame between the microcosm of a single person and the macrocosm of the endless universe and creates a reference point for the ratio human:universe. 11 x 70 is architecture because it stages a set spatial experience in natural and urban environments. The installation also stands for the human himself, who can be observed in his absence, as a movement and a body within the space. 

Our own movement distances us in every moment from the possibility to see the relationship that our own body or our own path has to its surrounding space. Rather than an imprint, the ten steps leave a presence in a sculptural and spatial manner behind, which one can observe from a distance looking back into the space. We perceive our proportion to different environments through our own human dimension, which lies here as a sequence before us. How constricted, how wide, how insignificant does our own scale in relation to different spaces appear. 

It's a fundamental effort, a ruler with the unit human.